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Morten Tange Olsen

Morten Tange Olsen


My research takes a holistic approach to understand the ecology and evolution of marine mammals, using ancient and modern DNA analyses, museum collections and observations in the wild to study the effects of environmental change, pathogens, and human utilisation, competition and disturbance.

I curate the marine mammal collection at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, teach marine mammal biology and research, and supervise multiple PhD, MSc and BSc student projects. 

Aktuel forskning


Prehistoric population structure and human utilisation of Atlantic walrus (Xenia Weber; PhD student) 

Colonisation and extinction of harp seals in the Baltic (Maiken Hemme Bro-Jørgensen; PhD student) 

Ringed seal population genomics and ecotypes (Camilla Hjort Scharff Olsen, MSc student)

Monitoring and population genetics of bowhead whales by environmental DNA (Natasja L Corfixen, Louise L Mørch, MSc students)

Global phylogeography of harbour seals (Suzanne R Schjøtt; MSc student)

Origin and spread of phocine distemper virus in 1988 and 2002 (Iben Stokholm, MSc student)

Global phylogeography of harbour seals (collaboration with Kristina Cammen, Sandra Granquist, et al)

Population genomics and adaptation in beaked whales (collaboration with Emma Carroll, Natacha Aguilar, Oscar Gaggiotti, Phil Morin, et al) 



Evaluation of grey seal subspecies by 3D geometric morphometrics (Michelle Svendsen, MSc student)

Body condition and bone mineral density of harbour porpoises (collaboration with Mike, Magnus Wahlberg, Anders Galatius, et al)



Asymmetric behaviour of harbour and grey seals (Maria Linnemann, MSc student)

Effects of whale watching on humpback whales in Iceland (Johan Bolhorn, Maria Jørgensen, MSc students)

Migration and site-fidelity of blue whales on Icelandic feeding grounds (Roland Madsen, MSc student)

Using UAVs to monitor body condition of harbour porpoises (Emilie Stepien, MSc student)

Diet and haul-out behaviour of harbour seals in the Limfjord (Julie E. Esplat, MSc student)

Importance of the Gold Coast bay as a resting and calving ground for Humpback whales on the east coast of Australia (Rebecca Valani, BSc student)

Effects of ship noise on porpoises (Danielle Nadine Banemann, MSc student) 

Seal-fisheries interactions and diet of harbour and grey seals

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Marine Mammal Biology and Research (lecturer and course manager)

Molecular Ecology (lecturer and co-manager)

Danmarks Fauna (guest lecturer)

Basic Arctic Biology (guest lecturer)

Arctic Field Course (guest lecturer)

Forensic Geobiology (guest lecturer)

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